I’m 40-something. Losing my hair. Wife seems bored with me. Teenaged kids. Want to change my clothes, my hair, my face (sorry, Bruce). Nobody wants me to dance. Open season for jokes because I belong to the group that has been the cause of more pain and suffering and oppression and environmental destruction in this world than any other – the white, middle-aged male.

Odds are that when you think of a corrupt politician, he will be one of us. When you think of a greedy finance shark, he will be one of us. When you think of a crooked policeman who has abused his power, he will be one of us. Sinful religious leader? Check. Environmental scourge? Check. Insurance company bureaucrat who likes the idea of death squads? Check. Corporate bean counter who throws quality out the window while chasing the bottom line? Check.

We are large, we are in charge, and when things go most horribly wrong, it is probably a middle-aged white guy’s fault. Not necessarily your fault or my fault, but we often take shit for it anyway.

I plan to bitch and moan about some of that in this blog, but I’ll try to balance that with suggestions for how to make things better because I hate whining. I am writing this for my own mental health because I need a place where I can let my hair down (as if I had any) on an anonymous basis. To say things that I might not otherwise say. To talk about people that I love without hurting them, and to talk about people that I hate without them hurting me.

Just about everything else that I have written online for over a decade has been under my own name, with a tight set of rules of engagement. Rules that I plan to break a bit here. Let’s see what we come up with, shall we?


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